LETTER: More relevant to Easter weekend

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Your letters

Your large double-page spread article on promoting visitors to Horsham with such events as the recent Piazza Italia incorporates a photo which I suspect is intended to lead your readers to believe that the crowds of people depicted were attending this event.

In fact some are clearly holding what appear to be service sheets and are gathered round the bandstand in the distance which appears to be occupied by, of all things, a band.

One of my fellow members at St Mark’s Church tells me he can identify himself in the picture and that it actually depicts the considerable number of people who attended an open air service in the Carfax on Good Friday morning – an event I would suggest of more relevance to Easter than the noisy and disruptive Piazza Italia, but which sadly does not appear to warrant a mention in your newspaper.

I trust the apparent deception was unintentional.


Primrose Copse, Horsham

Editor’s note: the caption to the photograph read, ‘Horsham District Council hope the crowds in the town centre at Easter can become a more common sight’. It should, in hindsight, have referred to the fact that it showed the Good Friday Carfax service, which featured in previous coverage of the weekend’s events, including the procession of the Cross through the town.