LETTER: Misleading view of development

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Your letters

I would like to point out on the article about Saxon Weald’s rejected plan to develop Winterton Court, Horsham, how very misleading the view is of the block on the left hand side of the computer aided view of the development.

This is in fact block ‘B’ and is a three-storey building and very conveniently the balcony of the second floor hides the roof line and wall which are set back about one metre from the brick frontage shown. If one looks hard there are one or two indications of the zinc cladding. The view onto the five-storey building at the back shows what I mean, if one didn’t know this, one would think it is a two-storey block.

This deceptive view we see reflects on the whole process of ‘consultation’ that we have had with Saxon Weald and thank goodness sanity has won the day for the moment.


New Street, Horsham