Letter: memories of Crawley farms

Your views
Your views

Vanessa Kirby’s letter to Your View struck a chord with me concerning her remarks on the two farms that stood on the Horsham Road.

During the mid 1940s, I lived in St Leonard’s and my mother’s sister, Miss Eva Edwards, was the cook/housekeeper at Great Buckswood farm.

I have happy memories of visits to that farm with my mother and younger brother where we roamed the farmlands over what is now Gossops Green and Bewbush.

I remember we made friends with the children of the farm’s employees, whose name I think was Cowie, which we thought was quite appropriate!

There was talk then of the New Town coming but I never dreamed that, some 16 years later, I and my wife and family would move from London into a new house in Langley Green.

Barry D Moody, Langley Green