LETTER: Majority have been very critical

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Your letters

‘Council leader defends axed deputy’ (19.2.15, p15) - well Cllr Dawe would wouldn’t he? Mrs Croft publicly stated her ‘absolute loyalty’ to her leader in her dreadful interview that she gave to this newspaper in 2013. In practice this meant doing what Cllr Dawe and his cabinet wanted – irrespective of what her constituents wanted.

Cllr Dawe talks about the two councillors being ‘hard working’ – yes we know that – to push through policies and the agenda that his secret cabinet system was hell-bent on imposing on everybody.

Cllr Dawe clearly does not read the letters pages in this paper. There have been endless letters about what Cllr Croft has or has not done for the town – the overwhelming majority very critical.

Cllr Dawe lives in a distant world to most of your readers ‘I believe that the people of Horsham district have been very well served by this Conservative run administration...”

No, Cllr Dawe, it has been a disgraceful period.


Owlscastle Close, Horsham