LETTER: Major road to become car park

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I was very interested to read in the responses to Horsham District Council’s consultation that the Highways Agency (HA) has supported HDC’s local plans to dump more than 2,500 houses in North Horsham, together with a white elephant industrial and warehouse park, another supermarket (likely to be an ASDA hypermarket) to hollow out the town centre, a crematorium, a railway station so they can shut Littlehaven and charge us all parking and a 600 space car park.

Apparently the HA believes that the A24/A264 corridor will be able to cope with all the additional cars and trucks the developments will create – or does it?

It may be that the agency failed to spot within the detail of the plan, the sets of lights at the roundabout each end of the two mile North Horsham stretch, the additional roundabout with a through bus lane into Pondtail, the additional access road along from Rusper Road and the four sets of pedestrian controlled traffic light crossings, which will give schoolchildren the power to regulate arterial traffic flow at peak times.

I understood that the agency had at one time been concerned that this major corridor link from the South Coast to the M25/M23/A23 would be swamped.

Perhaps they now consider that turning this major road effectively into another car park will be a good thing and make everyone go by train instead.

We look forward to an era of ‘Static Traffic’ on our doorstep.

In its response to the consultation the HA says very politely and concisely that it supports the policy: ‘Thank you for notifying the Highways Agency of the consultations on the Horsham District Planning Framework and Community Infrastructure Levy – Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule. We do not have any comments on these documents.’(ProSub2851 Response)

Well at least the HA stuck to the 200 word limit – short but sweet.

I wonder why such a vital instrument of government would support a plan like this knowing all the consultancy reports predict traffic chaos?

Could it be that the agency wants to ensure it gets its share of the Council Infrastructure Levy and a nice free new road to the Biffa site bypassing Langhurstwood Road thus avoiding the costs of funding it from its own budget?

Let’s all sign the government e-petition and let them know what we think, http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/54981


Avebury Close, Horsham