Letter: Lowering the voting age

Your views
Your views

After reading the Conservative leader’s comment in your newspaper (Politics, Crawley Observer February 25) I felt compelled to write to you.

Writing on the Labour party’s idea to reduce the voting age to 16 at a meeting at Crawley Council, Councillor Duncan Crow embarked on a very strange comparison to people being able to vote at 16 and them being able to star in a pornographic film. His other comments included Labour only wanting to bring down the voting age as more 16 and 17 year olds support Labour.

I then looked online at Duncan Crow’s other musings and was left bemused. He seems to spend all his time on Twitter and his online blog attacking the Labour party and in particular the Labour candidate for the general election. Perhaps Duncan Crow would do better to spend his time telling us here in Crawley what his party would do rather than what the others aren’t doing. One reason people are so disengaged with politics is that they have had it with politicians attacking each other. Personally I support lowering the age of voting to 16 and as someone who has voted for all the three major parties I am looking carefully at all the promises being made. One thing I have decided though is I will not be voting for a party who has a leader like Duncan Crow.

Sam Taylor, Crawley