LETTER: Local Plans now in serious jeopardy

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As a signatory of the County Times Free Speech Charter, I would like to express my extreme concern at the collective comment made by five of my fellow-signatories, Cllr Peter Burgess, Cllr Christian Mitchell, Cllr Liz Kitchen, Cllr Josh Murphy and Cllr Simon Torn (‘All sites are now back on the table’, WSCT, Jan 1): ‘All strategic sites, including those previously rejected by the council, are now back on the table’.

This has given heart to certain predatory developers (and their lobbyists) in the already-rejected, monstrous ‘West of Ifield’ strategic site option, and will now put both the Horsham and Crawley Local Plans in serious jeopardy.


The Ifield Society, Ifield Street, Ifield Village