LETTER: Legitimate debate being closed down

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Your letters

I was surprised to see that a question on the impact of immigration on housing needs, was not permitted by the chairman of the CPRE hustings in Denne Hall on Saturday 21st March. Is this another example of legitimate debate being closed down by the Politically Correct thought police?

A further question, which no one seems able to answer, is the one asked recently by Jeremy Paxman (of Ed Milliband) ie, ‘how many more incomers do you think that we can accommodate in the UK?’ Perhaps those opposed to border controls could give us a figure.

We have seen too many cases (eg Rotherham) where concerns may not have been exposed, for fear of the PC thought police. Surely we need to throw off this stifling PC blanket and not to be bullied into silence.

Let’s see which politicians are ready to do just that and to fight for transparent democracy - and those who are not. Just watching the letters page might give us a clue, not to mention those who won’t sign the County Times Free Speech Charter, due to their party whip.


Arun Road, Billingshurst