Letter: Insulting to the electorate

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Your views

With reference to the letter from Wayne Edgson in Three Bridges (Crawley Observer, May 28), I would like to take issue with his assumption that all the UKIP candidates had no hope of winning a seat at the recent election.

That is his opinion to which he is entitled. However, myself and 10 others did decide to run as UKIP candidates and as a result achieved votes ranging from 21 per cent to 29 per cent. This may not sound like much to Mr Edgson but at least we put ourselves up for scrutiny before the electorate of Crawley.

Yes it was disappointing not to win a seat but we are a new party and it is not easy against the massed ranks of the Conservative and Labour parties. To say that we had no hope is somewhat insulting to the electorate who ultimately decided.

Chris Brown, UKIP candidate for Broadfield North