Letter: Informed choice over Gatwick

Your views
Your views

If you can, please come to the Ramblette and/or Exhibitionette this Saturday.

It is critically important to make an informed choice regarding the 3 runway options - and the ‘No Runway’ option excluded from the consultation.

Come and see for yourself what will be the likely result if we, in this county, do not respond in sufficient numbers to Gatwick’s Consultation - also starting this Saturday at the Hawth.

The short walk (11am from The Plough in Ifield Village), and small exhibition (11am from Ifield Court Hotel), will end at 12.30pm - thus leaving enough time to visit the Gatwick Consultation, which ends at 3.30pm.If there is sufficient interest, the small exhibition will continue at Ifield Court Hotel until May 3 - when the Gatwick consultation ends.

Richard W Symonds, The Ifield Society