LETTER: Impressed by fine standards

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Hills Cemetery Open Day took place in Horsham on 2nd August. It was an opportunity for members of the public to look at the qualities of this established graveyard which is set in peaceful surroundings; an area which is cared for sensitively and diligently by dedicated staff.

I went along to this event as part of my role on the HDC Burial Advisory Group. During the many years I have served on this group I have seen huge improvements in what is an important service to our local community.

Together with their grieving families and friends the deceased are received with dignity and compassion. The bereaved have the opportunity to find peace and comfort close to their loved ones in beautiful natural surroundings that are also a sanctuary for natural flora and fauna.

Many members of my own family are buried at Hills Cemetery, which is situated in Horsham close to Hills Farm Lane, so it is a comfort to feel the tranquillity of the surroundings.

The district council also manages other graveyards including the one at Roffey and the closed cemetery in Denne Road.

Those who came to the open day were impressed by what they found; some were pleased because they were able to locate the graves of relatives who had died many years ago.

It was a successful morning and I would like to congratulate all the staff who work at the cemeteries for their hard work and excellent standards. Thank you to the managing officers Paul Kirkbride and Evan Giles for their commitment to the provision of a service that is both worthwhile and outstanding.

Not forgetting appreciation for the Burial Advisory Group which tries to overcome any problems and continuously seek improvements wherever they are possible.


(LDem) Horsham district councillor for Trafalgar (Horsham Town), North Street, Horsham