LETTER: Impact on our communities

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Your letters

Two things are hardly discussed in relation to the massive developments being built and in the pipeline around Horsham.

First, just how are our communities going to be affected in terms of social cohesion? We are accused of NIMBYISM when we protest about the carving up of the countryside to provide thousands of ‘much needed’ housing units, the vast majority of which are NOT so called ‘affordable’ homes for our local first time buyers.

So just who are those who will be moving into our area?

It’s a bit like having a bus that’s built for 50 passengers having to accommodate say 70 or 80.

It is OK for a bit but after a while it’s going to get very uncomfortable.

The proponents of more and more expansion will advocate making the bus larger, but then both metaphorically and literally there is not enough room on the road!

Secondly, how much attention has been given to the huge profits in prospect coming to those landowners who are selling farmland for development?

We are talking of millions and millions of pounds as I believe that land makes up 40 per cent of the cost of a house.

It is sad that our MP, Mr Maude says very little regarding these matters. He is afforded the opportunity on a weekly basis in the WSCT but, in the main, studiously avoids major local issues.

Finally a neighbourly word to many of those fighting the North Horsham nightmare. We feel for you, we really do - as we have, over the years fought off many attempts to concrete over Southwater.

Unfortunately many of you are turning into NINH-IS Not in North Horsham -in Southwater.

Please be aware that we value our surroundings as much as you but we are not advocating building in your area even though we must now fight ANOTHER plan for over 600 here!


Woodfield, Southwater