Letter: I love this old town, too!

Your views
Your views

Like Carol Vincent (My Kind of Town), I love this old town Crawley, that gradually became the new town of today.

My interest is the old buildings, the different areas and the old Crawley that was so prevalent all those hundreds of years ago.

I’ve tried to put my imagination to use in writing poems that I thought you might like to read.

Crawley’s Chimneys

The chimneys are tall

The chimneys are small

They are sometimes wide

Just big enough to get

A chimney sweep inside

They are inglenook

And Crawley’s pride.

They belong to houses of old

Where stones were told

Around the wood all aglow

Of one hundred years or so

They tell of a different life

Of people who strived

To work the land

To put money in hand.

To keep Crawley on the map

Is something they didn’t lack

The chimneys with their smoke

And smell of burning wood

Looked and smelled good

After work and play

To welcome people home

At the break of the day.

This legacy they have left

Is fascinating to see

And just think

It’s been left here

For you and for me.

Mrs VV Austin-Sim

West Green