LETTER: How few readers live in houses

Your letters
Your letters

Congratulations on your front page headline (Horsham edition September 26) exemplifying modern journalism with its combination of child exploitation, sentimentality and inaccuracy.

I wonder whether Jessica aged 12 will thank you for this when she is an adult (I feel much the same way about the use of children in protests). That is for the future.

Now I understand from your headline that Horsham is to be ‘destroyed’. I was unaware that the Syrian war had spread to Horsham but I have been away for a few days. That is the meaning of ‘destroyed’. Your usage is a perversion of language.

This is obviously a way of ‘playing to the gallery’ of the supposed views of your readers. I am always surprised how few of your readers live in houses.

Personally I think you have a right to these views if (a) your grandparents lived in Sussex (b) you work in agriculture and (c) you live in a tree. As these do not apply to me, I don’t necessarily hold such views.

As the old film line goes ‘Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts’. If you can’t do better than this sickening sentimentality I will have to stop buying your paper.


Bowes Close, Horsham