LETTER: Horsham phone box in Australia

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Your letters

I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and have a British K6 telephone box which I have been restoring to its former glory.

Here’s the interesting bit - I believe the box originally comes from outside the old RSCPCA headquarters in the Causeway, Horsham.

The reason I say ‘believe’ is that the address in the phone box has been partly obscured due to vandals’ ‘handiwork’.

Parts of the address I can read are as follows - the XXXXs represent letters that can’t be read:

Outside XXXXXXXX Headquarters




Essentially I searched on all towns in Sussex, then Googled with a combination of ‘the Causeway’, this drew me to the obvious suspect of the former RSPCA HQ.

I have searched the web to try and see if I could track down a photo of the phone box in its original position, but to no avail.

Would your readers be able to point me in the right direction? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

By way of background, I moved to Australia in 1988 from Bishops Stortford in Herts and have always wanted to have a restored phone box in the garden!

So when I heard someone had imported a number of UK phone boxes I jumped at the opportunity and bought one.

I would very much like to lay my hands on any photos, stories relating to its life.

When complete we intend using it as part of our family owned migration agency which helps Brits moving to Australia.

Over here it’s a real head- turner and every Brit loves taking a photo of themselves in front of it and posting it on Facebook to wind up their friends back home 10,000 miles away...

Anyone with information can contact me via email to steve.elliott@macquarie.com


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia