LETTER: Horrified at more social care cuts

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Your letters

I was horrified to read of further social care cuts being planned by WSCC (see WSCT 5th December 2013).

Vulnerable adults are already suffering due to previous cuts. Further cuts will be devastating for them as core services for certain sectors such as schools and Children’s Services will have to be protected.

One assumes that the WSCC spokesperson chose their words very carefully when they said that WSCC will ‘still try to support the most vulnerable in our society’.

This implies that WSCC might not succeed in supporting vulnerable people.

Will WSCC ‘still try’ to send ambulances to serious road accidents?

And fire crews to house fires where lives are at risk?

Will they ‘still try’ to provide police to investigate serious crime?

Trying is just not good enough when lives are at risk.

Perhaps it is time that WSCC consulted its customers. Many might prefer to have top quality services for their vulnerable relatives, and perhaps one day for themselves, in exchange for the higher rates of council tax suggested by the spokesperson.

Can we have a local referendum and reach a democratic decision?


Worthing Road, Horsham