LETTER: Homes must be built somewhere

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Your letters

I write with reference to proposed Development North Horsham. Regarding the proposal, no matter if we like it or not we need more houses, these have to be built somewhere. Why not there?

I imagine that nearly everyone who has objected has a home, who are we to deny other people the opportunity of doing the same?

West Sussex County Council wanted to build on land owned by them south west on Chesworth Farm. This would have impacted on my house. I did not object. Many others, did. We can no longer say ‘not in my back yard’. I’m not someone who can blind you with long words which few people really understand. Just someone who thinks it is wrong to object to something which is desperately needed.

I realise that many folk have valid reasons why this plan should not go ahead but I’m hoping that the plans will go through. I think the people who need these homes should have the opportunity to live in Horsham, which is a beautiful part of Sussex.


Kennedy Road, Horsham