LETTER: Hazards of new road markings

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Your letters

I notice that either Horsham District Council or West Sussex County Council have in their wisdom painted big green oblongs at several sets of traffic lights around Horsham Town centre.

While this may look quite pretty I personally don’t consider it very clever.

This encourages cyclists to spread themselves across the road and therefore making it very slow for drivers to move away but more importantly so the paint that they have used when wet is very slippery and for a car approaching and having to stop quickly perhaps for a cyclist, there would be very little grip making this a very dangerous situation.

I have seen this in other areas but the cycle sign is just painted on the road not on to a green background so I think this should be looked into preferably before someone is hit by a car and injured as this green painted surface has no grip whatsoever.


Copsale Road, Copsale