Letter: Have your say on Gatwick runway plan

Your views
Your views

Well done the residents of Tinsley Lane who held their 36th Annual General Meeting on the evening of Sunday 12th March.

It was really well attended and included representatives from many of the various areas of Tinsley Lane, Three Bridges.

A member of the Communication Team from Gatwick Airport addressed the meeting regarding the proposed idea for a second runway.

It was pleasing to hear that a consultation on the acceptability of one of the three runway positions, is to be launched on Monday 17th March, so look out for a letter to drop through your letterbox explaining such a consultation, including where/when it will be held.

I believe, for Crawley, it is to be held at the Hawth on 5th April. Hopefully the letter will state times.

I entreat everyone in Crawley, regardless where you live, to all attend such a consultation so that a clear and strong directive from the people is put forward to both the owners of Gatwick airport and the Davis Commission. If you can’t, I believe there is a website where you can make your feelings known.

Ignoring the consultation will not make the decision go away; it will not give a message one way or the other.

Thank you and once again Well Done Tinsley Lane Residents.

Cllr Brenda Burgess, Crawley Borough Council (Con, Three Bridges)