LETTER: Greater pressure on struggling area

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Your letters

When councils are complaining of lack of funding why has West Sussex County Council spent money on a survey that proves only that residents are not aware of the impact of Gatwick expanding would have on this area?

How inappropriate for a council to conduct such a survey when Gatwick has not yet submitted plans!

It’s like asking if you would like a free holiday without telling people it’s in a war zone!

I was not aware of the survey or asked my opinion nor invited to attend the meeting and my historic West Sussex village will be blighted if Gatwick expands, as will many others!

Gatwick expansion would place even greater pressure on the infrastructure of this area with demands for even more mass housing projects to accommodate employees; road congestion of major and minor roads as passengers and workers endeavour to access a huge monster; and no plans or funding for a new hospital, schools or amenities. And then there is the pollution and blighting of the beautiful West Sussex countryside.

Councils are meant to be impartial. To view impartial information go to an independent community website www.gacc.org.uk. for the facts.

If residents object to this expansion they need to write to Horsham and West Sussex councillors as well as their local MP now.


Mayes Lane, Warnham