LETTER: Good hack to clear footpaths

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Your letters

Is your property next to a public footpath? Local public footpaths are regularly used by walkers, mums pushing their babies in buggies, and wheelchair users.

We all share the same frustrations of having to duck and dive around overhanging and intruding vegetation. The obstructions are untrimmed shrubs and trees, stinging nettles and brambles, forcing us to move onto muddy wet grass or even into the road.

I wonder if HDC has rules on this, but I would think it reasonable that footpaths should be at least one metre wide, with two metres headroom to achieve sufficient space to proceed safely in a dry, scratch and sting free zone.

Please take the trouble to inspect the vegetation growth adjacent to your property on a regular basis and clear it away back to your fence line. Indeed now would be a good time to have a good hack, in time for new spring growth to come through.

Thank you for being a good neighbour.


Ghyll Crescent, Horsham