Letter: Generous support in Haywards Heath

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Your letters

Last Friday and Saturday, 15th August, the Haywards Heath and Lindfield Support Group for St Peter & St James Hospice were granted permission to carry out a collection at Sainsburys in Haywards Heath.

We would like to thank Sainsburys for giving us this opportunity and all the volunteers. But our main thanks must go to the wonderful people of Haywards Heath who gave so generously over the two days.

The amount of money needed to keep the hospice running increases at an alarming rate and is currently around £6,000 per day! We heard so many stories of relatives who were so well looked after, stories from so many local people who knew someone who had been, or was being, looked after at the hospice.

Everyone agreed that it is such an asset to have our own local hospice with such wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Throughout the two days we were able to raise a grand total of £2,227.26.

Janice Brooks Co-Chairman

Haywards Heath & Lindfield Support Group