Letter: Gatwick options - Maximum destruction

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Your views

The Airports Commission short-listed one option at Gatwick and two at Heathrow” (‘Standing room only as hundreds protest airport expansion’, Crawley Observer, Nov 26).

Therein lies the problem in a nutshell. The Commission should have shortlisted another option at Gatwick - Option 1 - which would have caused minimum destruction (but minimum profits for the airport owners, Gatwick Infrastructure Partners/ Gatwick Airport Ltd - GIP/GAL).

The American airport owners included Option 1 (Minimum Destruction-Minimum Profits) in their earlier ‘Consultation’, but only put forward Option 3 (Maximum Destruction - Maximum Profits) to the Airports Commission.

That was their greatest, greedy mistake.

The local community is now enraged - and rightly so. Nobody likes being taken for a fool.

We no longer trust GIP-GAL - and any goodwill for our neighbour has evaporated.

That loss of trust and goodwill is likely to cost the airport owners dear.

Richard W Symonds, The Ifield Society