Letter: Gatwick expansion plan

Your views
Your views

Gatwick Airport really have not thought through properly the complete picture if they were to get the go ahead for expansion.

They say they will compensate or relocate businesses but could not actually say where they would be re located too or just what the compensation would be.

They went onto say that the airport would face a brain drain of young talent and taking their skills elsewhere if the problem of housing capacity in the area was not addressed.

Now I would ask Mr Wingate just where he suggests that this shortage of housing could be built, there’s hardly any green fields left and there are already many people on Crawley’s housing waiting list. GAL just have not thought beyond the perimeter fence, where all the businesses will go that are demolished, where all the people are going to live who loose their homes, and more problems they have not thought about or considered will keep cropping up.

expansion of Gatwick if it happens will be a massive land grab just for the airport itself. So just where will all these businesses be re located to and where are all these new houses will be located. Yes expanding Gatwick will mean grabbing much more land than just a runway and terminal. The Airports Commission should discuss these issues in depth with GAL as there is so much to be considered.

Andy Clark, Crawley