Letter: Gatwick Airport compensation for heritage loss

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Your letters

Lowfield Heath’s Max and Angela Brooks-Usher state (“Embrace future”, Observer Letters, Oct 2):

“We would like to ask the Council to make sure that the company who own the airport fully compensate the people affected by a new runway with noise schemes, relocation packages etc”

Whilst Max and Angela may well be motivated by self-interest in making such an appeal, they do have a point.

Gatwick Infrastructure Partners-Gatwick Airport Limited ( GIP-GAL), the American owners, will be maximizing their profits when the time comes for them to sell the airport with its new runway. The wider the runway, the bigger the profits.

Full compensation is guaranteed for the likes of Nestle - as well as Max and Angela - but will we be compensated for the loss of Lowfield Heath’s St Michael’s and All Angels Church, with its beautifully-majestic wheel-arch Rose Window (with the builder’s little dog engraved alongside).

Perhaps we should ask the Council to make sure that GIP-GAL fully compensate for the loss of our precious heritage - and at least ensure the preservation of the Rose Window ( and little dog)? Perhaps a re-location to the proposed Nature Reserve & Heritage Centre at Ifield Brook Meadows?

The newly-created Gatwick School is looking for private sponsors, so why not a newly-created Gatwick Nature Reserve & Heritage Centre - sponsored by GIP-GAL?

Richard W Symonds, The Ifield Society