LETTER: Future planning of the Quadrant

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I refer to the letter ‘Leisure space is under threat’ regarding the Broadbridge Heath Quadrant Masterplan from Paul Kornycky and the article on page 11 of WSCT 29 May on the same subject.

As Mr Kornycky knows, our chief executive, Tom Crowley confirmed to him on Tuesday May 27, that a revised map would be circulated to all those we consulted in order to ensure consistency with the text of the document.

This was done the following day and we have extended the consultation period to allow extra time for interested parties to consider the revised map prior to council debating the matter on June 25th.

When the council agreed a way forward for the Broadbridge Heath Quadrant in June 2012 a central plank of that decision was to ensure the construction of a new quality leisure centre and the replacement of the running track.

In order to fund the substantial investment required, and to secure much needed funds to support council services, without putting extra pressure on council tax payers, it was clearly stated that we would need to ensure that surplus land is put to beneficial use.

The current consultation will help inform the decision that council will make in June on the broad framework for the future planning of the Quadrant.

Later this year, as more detailed plans are worked up, I am confident that the majority of users and residents will see the benefits of this comprehensive approach to the future planning of the Quadrant.


(Con, Southwater) Cabinet Member for Living and Working Communities, Horsham District Council, North Street, Horsham