LETTER: Fresh start to stop ‘Crawsham’

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Your letters

Liberty’s ‘Green vision for North Horsham’ (26.2.15, p1) is of course Cllr Vickers’ personal vision to avoid any development in her own ward of Southwater.

How on earth can building on 800 acres in the Strategic Gap be described as a ‘Green vision’? Does this American company, Liberty, think that us Brits fall for this crude marketing?

And this comes from the MD of Liberty Mr Blevins who had to fight off a damming finding by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about a leaflet Liberty distributed to residents in North Horsham in autumn 2013 which was reported in this newspaper (‘Liberty instructed ‘not to exaggerate’ its experience’, 5.6.14).

Thankfully the Planning Inspector has thrown out Horsham District Council’s plan finding that it is ‘not sound’.

This will allow a newly elected council after May 7 (less Mrs Croft and Mr Rae) to delete the North Horsham strategic site and stop ‘Crawsham’ from becoming a reality. Many people want the new council to start again.


Rusper Road, Horsham