LETTER: Freedom to share FoI responses

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Your letters

Your correspondent Nick Webber (21 August) is wrong to think that he cannot share the information he obtained from Horsham District Council under the Freedom of Information Act. The threatening statement about copyright which HDC gratuitously adds to the end of all its replies is meaningless.

The clue is in the title of the Act and Mr Webber is free to share his question and the council’s response in full with whomsoever he chooses.

I wish more people would do so. The answers the council gives are often revealing, but not nearly as revealing as the questions it refuses to answer.

The council is required to publish a disclosure log which can be found on its website.

This lists a summary of all FoI requests and the answers provided, or not. Anybody can ask for a copy of the full response to any request by quoting the reference number.


Old Denne Gardens, Horsham