Letter: Fracking - No gagging order

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Your letters

I have seen in the national and local press the idea that Balcombe Estate workers are subject to a gagging order or are otherwise unable to comment on their personal views over the controversial oil drilling at lower stumble due to a fear of losing their jobs and homes.

Could I please set the record straight that we have all been told in writing via the estate newsletter that our personal views would not jeopardise our employment with the estate.

We are not mediaeval serfs and each one of us is entitled to our views on this and other matters.

As for my personal views,whilst drilling for carbon based energy is undesirable, I remain unconvinced that we can reach our national energy needs on renewables alone but I am willing to hear any reasonable arguments to convince me otherwise. There is too much misinformation and propaganda on either side at the moment. What is clear is that we all need to use energy responsibly and this has to start at home and in our day to day lives. In addition we as a community should try not to let this issue, important though it is, to divide the village. After all if we stop engaging with each other the arguments from both sides will not be heard or discussed in a reasonable manner.

Mr Tibble

Woodman, Balcombe estate


Hammingden Lane,

Highbrook, Ardingly