LETTER: Flawed document rushed through

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Your letters

Horsham District Council (HDC) has written an email to residents who responded to the two consultations there have so far been about their plans to build thousands of houses in North Horsham, an industrial and warehouse park, a crematorium, a secondary school (changing the catchment areas for parents in Horsham and Roffey), another supermarket and probably a football stadium.

A guide on ‘How to Make Representations’ is available on HDC’s website or at the council offices. These shall be in writing and may be made directly via the website, on a representation form which can be submitted via email to strategic.planning@horsham.gov.uk or by post to the Strategic Planning Team, Horsham District Council, Park North, North Street, Horsham, RH12 1RL (seewww.horsham.gov.uk/planningpolicy/planning-policy/horsham-district-planning-framework-examination/hdpf-main-modifications) and at the Horsham District Council offices and local libraries.

All representations must be submitted within the period for representations and no later than 5.20pm on Tuesday, 5 May 2015. Another public inquiry will be held during the summer by the Planning Inspector because Cllr Vickers’ first hash at the housing plan was found to be ‘not sound’.

If the Horsham District Planning Framework is found ‘sound’ by the Inspector, it is anticipated that the council will adopt the housing plan in autumn 2015 following a vote at the new full council.

But Cllr Vickers’ ‘Main Modifications’ document is flawed. It was rushed through council on March 18 without the up to date housing figures.

Last time residents stuck strictly to council (admittedly confused) guidelines with 100 or 200 words – but important people like developers and other councils were able to submit thousands of words.

There were no public meetings hosted by the council, Cllrs Vickers, Dawe and Croft appeared to hide from the public, public exhibitions in discrete locations were staffed by council staff who gave contradictory information to the public.

May 7 gives residents the opportunity to put an end to all of this.


Heath Way, Horsham