Letter: Excellent service at County Oak tip

Your views
Your views

Although disposing of rubbish isn’t a pleasant task, it’s made easier in Crawley by the excellent service provided by the staff at the tip at County Oak.

Every time I have visited since the new site opened, the staff there have been without exception helpful, polite and cheerful.

They go out of their way to help unload items for disposal, give useful advice and keep the area clean.

Sadly, they tell me, they encounter discourtesy and even abuse from some visitors but despite this they carry on, doing a job which most of us wouldn’t want to tackle and with a positive attitude which is to be admired.

Please pass on my thanks to the tip staff and let them know that they are very much appreciated, if not by all visitors then certainly, I’m sure, by the majority of us.

Janet Revell, Crawley