LETTER: EU membership is a good deal

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Last week a report by the CBI (Britain’s biggest business organisation) found that every British citizen benefits from EU membership to the tune of £1,225 a year.

This compares to an annual contribution to the EU budget of just £116. That is undeniably a good deal.

Meanwhile, in a recent CBI survey, eight out of ten British businesses said Britain must stay in the EU. Even a poll by an anti-EU group, Business for Britain, found that 100,000 firms would close if we left the EU, putting hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk.

Put simply, it’s in Europe, in work. Pulling out of the EU would risk throwing away our recovery.

Instead, Liberal Democrats are focusing on helping businesses create more jobs in the UK by reforming the EU from within.

In government, we’ve already helped deliver one million new jobs since 2010. Now we want to deliver a million more.


Liberal Democrat European Parliamentary candidate for South East England, Clays Hill, Bramber