LETTER: EU membership has been a disaster

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Your letters

How’s this for an odd state of affairs; – 1) the indigenous British population is in decline; 2) we are having to build a new house every seven minutes to cope with the ballooning population. (Yes I did say every seven minutes).

The answer to this paradox is twofold; - 1) our population is being swelled by mass uncontrolled immigration; 2) a quarter of births in this country are now to foreign-born mothers.

We are undergoing what can only be described as an invasion of diverse and sometimes alien cultures, which is overloading our infrastructure and changing the face of this country forever.

There is absolutely nothing we can do about this as long as we stay in the European Union. We have surrendered control of our borders to Brussels, and the main political parties want to keep it that way.

I suppose I should state, for the sake of clarity, that UKIP is not opposed to immigration per se.

Our position is that who we admit to this country should be for the British people to decide, not a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Our membership of the European Union has proved a disaster. Time to get out and rejoin the rest of the world!


UK Independence Party, Curzon Avenue, Horsham