LETTER: Essential facilities not addressed

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Your letters

How come the general public can see what is happening to our town and not the council? Every week there are letters concerning new homes, affordable or not, being built, north, south and every which-way of Horsham, yet the essential facilities needed now, let alone when all the home building is complete, are not being addressed?

The schools are full to bursting, doctors’ surgeries are over-subscribed and hospitals well...

My 90 year old mother was admitted to East Surrey Hospital just before Christmas and remains there still. This means on a good day a 40 minute drive to visit and on many occasions a one hour journey, no joke when we are both in our 70s.

We witnessed for ourselves just how dreadful the situation is when on one visit we counted 12 ambulance trolleys each with two paramedics lined up along the corridor awaiting admission. These were obviously very sick people, not ones that had dialled 999 unnecessarily.

I know this hospital problem is not unique to this part of the country, but it seems to me that the South East has far bigger building projects than other areas. I dread to think what it will be like in a few years’ time when we have all these extra people living in the area.

I would add that the staff at East Surrey are very kind and caring and doing a fantastic job under very difficult circumstances.


Longfield Road, Horsham