Letter: Environmental outrage

THE PROPOSED huge development for north Horsham (WSG, January 11) across very pleasant countryside is an environmental outrage and an enormous threat to the Sussex open space. To permit such a great slab of greenery go under brick and mortar sets a very grave principle, and means now much less in the county is worth preserving any longer.

Currently the A264 bypass forms a very good and adequate boundary along the north side of the town. Building to the north of the A264 at Horsham would be like building to the south of the A27 at Chichester which has not happened much in 80 years.

This plan is too large and is development completely in the wrong direction, destroying wonderful open farmland which needs to become green-belt land. Horsham is about large enough, but any further future development there needs to be in the south or south-west of town and certainly more fragmented, and perhaps also around Southwater and other settlements.

If development is not strictly controlled Horsham is very capable of becoming as large as Bristol and merge Crawley and even Redhill eventually. This scheme is the thin edge of the wedge.

Nigel Muir

The Broadway