LETTER: Encouragement

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Your letters

Are we a nation of complainers? Will other people ever get it right so that we’ll no longer feel the need to complain? Arriving back from two weeks holiday I pick up the latest WSCT and find that the vast majority of letters are still complaining about their fellow human beings, albeit those who have willingly taken on the responsibilities of elected representatives, whether at national, county, district or parish levels.

Can they ever get the planning, the housing, the fracking decisions right to a point that no one complains? I doubt it because it seems we’re happier criticising and complaining, than complimenting and encouraging. Of course we want decisions that are the best for our community, and helpful, constructive criticism is valid.

But encouragement and support is a blessing from God. There’s a guy in the Bible, a favourite of mine - Barnabas, whose name means ‘Son of Encouragement’, and he certainly was a great encourager to those who tried and sometimes failed. Wouldn’t it be great to see some letters of encouragement in next week’s WSCT?


Elder, Rehoboth Baptist Church,

New Street, Horsham