Letter: Embrace Gatwick Airport’s future

Your views
Your views

We attended the Full Council Meeting of Crawley Borough Council last week when the future growth of Gatwick Airport was debated.

It was good to see see democracy in action with each councilor having a say and vote for or against. We feel that the right decision has been agreed that the council needs more information on the impact of a second runway and await the Airport Commission’s report whether they choose Gatwick to have a second runway.

We would like to ask the Council to make sure that the company who own the airport fully compensate the people affected by a new runway with noise schemes, relocation packages etc.

We have always been in favour of a second runway even though we will lose our home. We have to embrace the future and growth of the airport that is paramount for the young people growing up in the area.

Unlike some councillors who think that Gatwick only employs low paid workers and cleaners we know for a fact that all manner of skilled and qualified people work at the airport and in the businesses that support it. Some of the councillors said that their families were relocated to the New Town of Crawley from high rise blocks in London and that it was a lovely place to come to. The New Town would not have been built without the councillors of the day having the vision and bottle to embrace the future.

It seems to us that most people who oppose the second runway are those who have made it good and now wish to pull up the ladder so stopping anyone else from doing the same. It is rubbish to say that Gatwick will be bigger than Heathrow with it’s five terminals. Gatwick will never be in the same league but it should be allowed to be a competitor.

One councillor asked what part of Heathrow would we like to live in if the development takes place here as this is what we would be faced with. We say to this that few people live at Lowfield Heath as it is low grade farm land that regularly floods, so his argument is not valid.

We ask you Crawley Borough Council to have the vision to embrace the future and be brave enough to vote for a second runway to be built at Gatwick.

Max and Angela Brooks-Usher, Lowfield heath