LETTER: ‘Done deal’ is unacceptable

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Your letters

I feel I must write to correct inaccuracies in John Lines’ and other supporters coverage of their proposed new ground for the Horsham Football Club. Just recently the County Times gave prominence with photographs, plans and details on both front and back pages of the Horsham edition.

Firstly, the proposed new ground is consistently inaccurately described as being at Hop Oast which misleads many people of its actual intended location.

Hop Oast comprises the council rubbish tip, council parking ground for large lorries, the Shell garage and the park and ride.

The proposed new football ground is within the grounds of the Horsham Park Golf Club which is on the south side of the Worthing Road.

Apart from one small farm there has been no development on the south side from the Worthing Road railway bridge as far as the A24 bypass. It has been for centuries an area of green fields, woodland and peaceful wildlife crisscrossed by footpaths much appreciated by walkers.

The golf course is part of the ancient Denne Park Estate established in the early 17th century and more recently part of the strategic gap between Horsham and Southwater. A major development such as now proposed is NOT in keeping.

Secondly, some local councillors have referred to the proposal as ‘a done deal’. It is NOT. HDC has facilitated the ground option thus acting as ‘judge and jury’ which is totally unacceptable.


Denne Park, Worthing Road, Horsham