Letter: Don’t ruin our Arundel

CALLING all “mullets” who were around in the 1940-50s. Can anyone remember what happened to the penny farthing bike that was perched on top of a high wall adjacent to the small garage situated at the west end on Tarrant Street in the 40-50s?

Also does anyone know why they knocked down the lovely Bridge Hotel and replaced it with a very unlike Arundel building?

I think the southern approach is not at all Arundel, one doesn’t really feel that they are in Arundel until they cross the bridge. Even the cinema was part of the old town but now, although no doubt necessary, does not have that feel, mind you the pool is wonderful. I can still taste the horrible water in the old swimming baths near Ford Road. Horrible green warm water, safer than the river!

My mother was a “mullet” they lived in 32 Ford Road, grandad worked for Penfolds (Bertie Waite).

Dear “mullets” do not let Arun Council ruin your town, a new bypass I guess is necessary, destroying Tortington Woods is worrying.

David Mills

(born L’ton 1932)

Orchard Close