Letter: Don’t bring the Queen into this

Your correspondant, John Strange, makes the truly extraordinary claim that by signing the Treaty of Maastricht

in 1992 Francis Maude reduced Her Majesty the Queen to the status of a vassal of the European Union, as if the EU was

a feudal empire instead of a free association of democratic states (Treaty signed by Horsham MP, WSG, February 8).

As a matter of law it was the Queen herself, alongside her fellow sovereigns and heads of state, who concluded the Treaty of Maastricht, Francis Maude merely being the plenipotentiary authorised to sign on her behalf.

It is true that the Treaty binds the signatory states to apply the commonly agreed rules and decisions taken by the EU for the purpose of achieving certain goals such as the single market in accordance with the decision-making procedures laid down in the Treaty in which our government is actively involved.

You can legitimately criticise some of these rules and decisions but don’t let’s bring the Queen into it.

Martin Vasey

Greyfriars Lane