LETTER: District’s many unhappy residents

Your letters
Your letters

I was delighted to read that Louise Goldsmith, the leader of West Sussex County Council, along with a number of her Conservative party colleagues on that council, are signing up to the County Times Free Speech Charter.

I was also very pleased to see that my local Horsham district councillor, Tricia Youtan, has signed it.

I wrote to congratulate her on her brave and principled stand; particularly in view of the leadership’s antipathy to the Charter.

I also wrote to councillor Stuart Ritchie who represents my Warnham ward on HDC, asking him to please sign the Charter.

I have not had a response from him, but then I didn’t really expect one as it is not the first time he has ignored messages I have sent him raising concerns about important local matters.

Still, it’s ‘tit for tat’ because I shall ignore his name on the ballot paper when it comes round to voting in the local elections next year.

I wonder when Ray Dawe and his cronies will finally get the message?

I have lived in Horsham District for nearly 40 years and have never known such a furore over local issues as we are experiencing just now.

One has only to look at the letters section of this paper to realise there are a lot of very unhappy residents in Horsham District.

April 30th is the date set for the HDC meeting when important decisions will be made about the future of the district; decisions that will affect us all.

The leadership has studiously ignored the alternative, sensible and well-reasoned plans put forward for future development in the district.


Are Ray Dawe and Claire Vickers and their ever-diminishing band of acolytes really going to push the North Horsham development through in the face of all this local outrage?

Just what are they hiding? Dr Geoffrey Richardson’s letter detailing their refusal to disclose documents relating to exchanges between Liberty Trust and Horsham District Council was extremely worrying.

Come on Conservative councillors… wake up and smell the coffee!


Dorking Road, Warnham