LETTER: Disrespect that adds to injustice

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Your letters

We, who live in this part of God’s wonderful world of Horsham, are very fortunate. We live in relative peace where justice and respect for others is, in the main, proclaimed and adhered to.

We are relatively safe from those who wish to impose their beliefs on us, whether we wish it or not. As we know from our television screens and newspapers, this is not the case for everyone.

By accident of birth many find themselves caught up in violence and extreme lack of respect for person or life, whether that be Iraq or Palestine or Southern Sudan or Nigeria or Myanmar (Burma) and many other parts of our world.

One question that may cross our minds, whether believers in a Deity or not and feeling helpless to do anything about it is: (If there is a God), why does He allow it to happen?

The truth is: He does not - we do! The God I believe in is not a puppet master, pulling the strings to control our actions. He gives us freewill to learn and act from His example, in love.

Each and every time we disrespect another human being for whatever reason we add to the injustice in our world. What happens in war and violence is but a magnification of that injustice.

Jesus tells us ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full’ (John 10: 10).

To live life to the full we need to love our neighbour as ourselves – and pray for those who may feel that love is nowhere to be found at this moment in time.


St John the Evangelist Church, Springfield Road, Horsham