Letter: Dismay over county council chief executive pay

West Sussex County Council
West Sussex County Council

I write regarding the County Times of February 1 and the report ‘County council chief executive paid £47,500 relocation allowance’.

I read with interest and disbelief this report of the obscene amounts of money these people are gifted from the public purse.

I would enquire who are the people who have over the recent years cultivated such colossal amounts of income for these public servants catapulting them to a celebrity income, and assume the salary ratio as mentioned in the report would also follow the same pattern down the management ranks - thank you very much!

It would seem unimaginable the incredible amounts of public revenue handed over in high salaries throughout the country if the range of chief executives’ salaries are between £186,000 - £230,000 adding in the web of other high earners within councils.

It is no wonder we are seeing potholes in every litter scattered road in Sussex, closures of public facilities and needed amenities when the cream has obviously been taken out of the income from rateable revenue.

Personally I do not believe any individual in public service should be gifted a salary of more than the prime minister.

They are not self-made entrepreneurs and who really needs that sort of an income - shameful.

C. Scott

Purton Road, Horsham