LETTER: Disgust at town centre spending

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I was disgusted to read (Horsham edition, 11.9.14, p25) that the Cabinet Member for Horsham Town and Communications, Cllr Helena Croft (Roffey North), who personally devised West Street’s ‘refurbishment’ and who opened it last November, has spent £40,000 of taxpayers’ money on those crudely varnished box planters containing nothing but bamboo stalks!

It was quite right that at a recent Scrutiny meeting Cllr Croft was challenged on the significant sums of public money that have been squandered on West Street.

This is the same Cllr Croft who supported another white elephant, namely an industrial and warehouse park in the Strategic Gap where, some 18 months after Cllr Vickers’ announced her housing plan, not one single company has expressed any interest in moving to this proposed folly.


Heath Way, Horsham