LETTER: Disappointment at cycling policy

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Your letters

I am disappointed to find that our that Horsham cycling community has started collaborating with the developer Liberty Trust whose build on the green land north of the A264 we, local people, who would be so adversely affected by this, are in the process of contesting.

This is disgraceful. Additionally, those of us in the nearby area do not wish to see subterranean tunnels or underpasses nearby, which we and our children will be afraid to enter.

Horsham District Cycling Forum (HDCF) needs to think again before colluding with a developer and ‘selling’ local people out by promoting the build of a subterranean tunnel in someone else’s neighbourhood.

I am very disappointed that this group is now collaborating with the council, whose decisions and legal process others are challenging, to push forward this build.

Who really would use an underpass after dark? I would suggest to HDCF that this is not the way to proceed about your goals - actions are in progress to stop this development, we are not giving up so easily on our neighbourhood and our town to become Crawsham and the inclusion of a tunnel in these plans would not improve matters.

Additionally, HDCF needs to realise that tunnels are very expensive to build and that all of us will pay for these as the infrastructure costs will be down to the taxpayer - not Liberty.

Your protest is therefore ill- conceived. I would also suggest to HDCF to campaign for the cycle route between Horsham and Crawley independently of matters presented by the proposed build here and without collaborating with a developer, whose proposal we, in the nearby areas, will do our outmost to block.

You need to campaign for this cycle link to be facilitated by some other way - not by underpasses at the bottom of our streets and across the A264, or you will lose my sympathy for your cause!


Pondtail Drive, Horsham