LETTER: Development is a new town

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Your letters

I have lived in north Horsham since 1981. I reside in the parish of Roffey North which is in north Horsham and the northern boundary of the town is the bypass.

Therefore, let’s call the proposed development ‘south Rusper’ or ‘east Warnham’ or even ‘west Faygate’. Using the term ‘north Horsham’ appears to give it legitimacy, suggesting it really will be part of the town.

Liberty and the council are being allowed to pull vast quantities of wool over our eyes associating with Horsham what is in fact a new town. Clearly north Horsham is already established; what is planned for north of the bypass needs a new and correct name.

Maybe Horsham New Town would fit the bill. Stop referring to the desecration planned for north of the bypass as ‘the green vision’ (WSCC 26 February) as it is already truly green.

Either give the new development its proper name or, better still, leave this space green and move the new town to the correct place.


Havengate, Horsham