LETTER: Detailed resume of UKIP policies?

So according to his letter in the County Times of of May 16, the turncoat member from Chanctonbury ward urges his former colleagues to support localism.

Coming from a party that appears to have a complete policy vacuum on anything other than the EU, immigration and promoting xenophobia, yet also wants to cut two million public sector jobs, it is difficult to reconcile how Mr Arthur will achieve his objectives.

Where was his siren voice when the party of his previous allegiance, the Conservatives, decimated the influence of local elected representatives by taking so many powers back to Westminster; a policy continued by the subsequent Labour administration?

Did he object to the introduction of the cabinet system for local government which left decision making to a small cabal of party faithful, leaving back benchers on all sides unable to subject policy proposals to detailed scrutiny and undermining local democracy as a result?

A challenge, Mr Arthur; you have switched party allegiance and refused to stand for re-election under your new banner with a party whose primary objectives are completely irrelevant to the matters over which Horsham district councillors have influence.

Some of us believe you are wrong and that the wishes of the people of Horsham and District should be afforded the representation they voted for, not one a councillor encounters through a dramatic conversion on the road to Chanctonbury.

Failing that honourable outcome, the voters of Chanctonbury and of Horsham District should be given a detailed resume of UKIP policies for local government and the priorities for Horsham District.

I fear that we may have to wait some time!


Smithbarn, Horsham