LETTER: Destruction of the nation state

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The people of West Sussex along with the British electorate will soon be going to the polling booths to vote for their prospective parliamentary candidate, although in the case of political party candidates that is not strictly true as those candidates are chosen by the party hierarchies and put forward on a fait accompli take it or leave it basis.

Is it possible to fool all of the people all of the time? It seems it is, and the forthcoming sham general election proves it. It is a sham because it purports to give the British people an opportunity to vote for a political party to govern the nation, in reality nothing could be further from the truth. In 1972 with the signing up to the Treaty of Rome the governance of this country was handed over to an unelected unaccountable foreign political power to which all so-called British governments from that time on have been totally subordinate, making them no more than administrative authorities for that foreign political power. The Merchant shipping Act debacle of 1982 proves this, and the impotence of the so called British governments to create binding British law.

In 1992 the Maastricht Treaty established the European Union of the Regions, which made all British subjects and their elected monarch governor, ‘citizens’ of that political power and so subject to the constraints and obligations of that citizenship under, and subordinate to, an unelected and unaccountable foreign president, presiding over an unelected and unaccountable foreign government; not that the vast majority of the British people have any understanding of any of this.

If further proof were needed we now have elected members of our now so-called parliament whose first allegiance is not to the Crown and the British people. This could not be so if the Crown as representing the British people was still the supreme power in the land, but that supremacy was surrendered to the European Union when the monarch was made one of its citizens as no one can be both citizen and monarch at the same time.

In full support of these enforced unconstitutional changes, which can only be described as treachery and treason, are the three leading political parties in the forthcoming charade of a general election. We have the Conservative and Unionist Party, (but which union?) A party that failed to conserve even the nation’s national sovereignty. The working people’s Labour Party, controlled and run by self created political class millionaires, most of whom have never experienced an honest day’s work in their lives. The Liberal Democrat Party that does not believe that the British people should have a say in whether or not they wish to be an independent people of self political determination. Just how liberal or democratic is that?

Never the less, in May of this year the British electorate will have the opportunity to vote for these three false political parties and doubtless many unsuspecting and innocent voters will be duped into so doing and so support the covertly planned continued destruction of the nation state, or they can vote for a candidate who believes in nationhood and national self autonomy. Under the prevailing circumstances many voters will simply abstain, but all must bear in mind that in this forthcoming general election we are seeing the last vestige of our now fast dwindling democracy. Such is the importance of this next opportunity to save the nation state which might well prove to be our last chance as democracy as we the British people understand it, is an anathema to our self appointed foreign ruling masters and their British subordinate administrators now standing for election.

Bob Lomas

Dragons Green, Horsham