Letter: Despair and rejection

The tragic loss of PC David Rathband has highlighted the despair and rejection that most people feel when they lose their sight. Whilst the dramatic and tragic events that PC Rathband faced are not an everyday experience, there are nonetheless thousands of people who are suffering from sight loss, either from a traumatic event, or a gradually worsening eye condition.

There is however, support available in the local area. 4SIGHT provides assistance to local people, and equipment and aids that can be used to make life easier following sight loss. We provide locally based support for over 600 people, and countywide we support over 2,000 people.

Our key aim is to ensure that people remain independent, that they are not excluded because of their sight loss, and that they remain able to do the things that they enjoy in life. Although sight loss can be a terribly traumatic event, there are people here at 4SIGHT who can help, often with similar experiences themselves. There are many ways of adapting your lifestyle and providing aids and equipment to enable you to carry on with everyday activities, and 4SIGHT have trained advisors who can find the best methods for every person.

Whilst there are still few cures for most forms of sight loss, there is still hope for the many people suffering from these conditions, and it is only a phone call away. If you are losing your sight, or you know someone who might need some support, please get in touch with us. We are a local charity and we are there for local people - 4SIGHT’s local centre can be contacted on 01293 657090 or our county HQ helpline on 01243 828555, or email enquiries@4sightsussex.co.uk

Martin Pearson, 4SIGHT (West Sussex Association for the Blind)