LETTER: Democracy still worth fighting for

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Your letters

So Horsham District Council leader, Cllr Ray Dawe, has given us the benefit of his wisdom and experience as to the personal qualities required to be a good councillor. Providing that one is considered reasonably sane and over the age of 18 - virtually anyone qualifies for selection. True.

But if and when one is elected on a party political ticket, Cllr Dawe infers that one is expected to toe the party line also to meet the wishes of the majority in the form of a small clique of cabinet members who dictate policy. In other words - ‘my party - right or wrong’ - the influence of an ordinary councillor being minimal.

But what about the councillor who actually listens to the views of his electorate and dares to have a mind of his own?

Does he treat those who elected him with arrogant disdain - as Cllr Dawe would do - on the basis that ‘We know best’. Or does he have the courage to actually think for himself and suffer the punishment dished out by his peers - in the form of a small group of political lackeys.

I was under the impression that ‘Rotten Boroughs’ were a thing of the past but the recent actions of a group of Tory district councillors have proved me wrong.

The sooner they are replaced, the better. Democracy may be messy - but it’s certainly worth fighting for.


Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham